Quick Tip: Get proper DOCUMENT_ROOT When Using mod_vhost_alias

Posted on Oct 25 2009 in Web Development

The Apache module mod_vhost_alias and its VirtualDocumentRoot directive can really be a great time saver for local development (some googling will explain why in more deapth). Basically, my local dev is set up so that I just have to create a directory in my aliases directory, and I just then …

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Fix mod_auth_mysql on Ubuntu 64-bit

Posted on Sep 13 2009 in Web Development

At least twice, now, I've encountered problems (read: apache segfaults, oh noes!) with mod_auth_mysql on Ubuntu 64-bit installs, most recently using Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) -- the most recent release (at least until 9.10 comes out soon). In searching for solutions, I discovered that this issue has been reported at …

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Windows Home Server FTW

Posted on Aug 25 2009 in Computing

I tend to consider myself a technical user, and for years, I operated various Linux distributions and setups to facilitate our home network. Mostly this meant a place to dump our backups in an intelligent manner, but I would also setup things like easy file sharing between our computers and …

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