Prevent "AHAH the Right Way" in Drupal from Breaking with Validation

Posted on Nov 05 2010 in Web Development

So there has been a lot of blogging and documentation in the past about the "right" way to do AHAH in Drupal. I think these people make excellent points, provide good documentation, and are pushing these types of dynamic interactions in Drupal in the right direction. I think a lot …

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Drupal Performance on SliceHost with Boost Module

Posted on Aug 21 2009 in Web Development

If you know me, you know that I work on a lot of Drupal sites. You might also know that SliceHost (now a part of RackSpace) is one of the most affordable and simple VPS hosting solutions out there. That said, you might not know that I run several of …

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Drupal for Firebug

Posted on Aug 09 2008 in Web Development

Last month Chapter Three announced they were working on a Firefox plugin and Drupal module that would allow Firebug to talk with Drupal. As a Web Developer who uses Firebug heavily every day and who specializes in Drupal, this announcement from Chapter Three got me a little excited -- so I …

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Make Views More Flexible/Maintainable

Posted on May 24 2008 in Web Development

Any Drupal developer worth his salt at least knows of the Views module. The shear usefulness and time-saving nature of views has earned the module a place in every Drupal site I've developed. However, because views are stored in the database and their presentation is controlled by the views module …

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Ecto and Drupal

Posted on May 12 2008 in Computing

A few weeks ago I read a brief but interesting article by Jeff Whatcott on Getting Ecto Set Up with Drupal. I had heard of Ecto in passing but had never really looked into using it. With all the hubbub around WYSIWYG tools for Drupal and the like recently, I …

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Don't Use It, You Lose It

Posted on Mar 31 2008 in Web Development

A friend of mine has been using CakePHP to solve some problems where he works lately, and has been asking me for some help here and there. I always love to help as much as I can, but lately I've found my advice when it comes to CakePHP to be …

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Analysis of Drupal as a Framework

Posted on Nov 18 2007 in Web Development

I recently presented at an event where several web application frameworks were discussed, including Drupal. Around that time I was also working on several projects written as Drupal modules at a level that I had not done before. These series of events caused me to take a step back and …

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Write a Reasonably Complex Application with CakePHP/Drake/Drupal?

Posted on Jul 24 2007 in Web Development

This post is in reply to a comment on a previous article that I thought contained some good questions:

Hi Josh,

Saw your post on the cakePHP list regarding Drake, here .

I'm hoping you won't mind answering a couple of questions …

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Cake, Drake, and Drupal: My Search for the Ultimate PHP Framework

Posted on Jun 03 2007 in Web Development

At work a few months ago, I was directed to start looking into some options for developing small database applications. So, I set out on my quest to find the best solution out there. Several weeks, and at least as many frameworks later, I finally found a solution that seems …

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