Blogging With Pelican

Posted on Sep 02 2013 in Web Development

As a web developer, I spend a lot of time with Drupal, which is what formerly powered my blog. Maintaining the site (which I generally neglect) seemed burdensome. Occasionally anti-spam would fail, cache files would need to be cleaned, or some other issue would require my attention. It all felt too much like my 9-5 work. So, I've converted the blog to use Pelican.

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Ecto and Drupal

Posted on May 12 2008 in Computing

A few weeks ago I read a brief but interesting article by Jeff Whatcott on Getting Ecto Set Up with Drupal. I had heard of Ecto in passing but had never really looked into using it. With all the hubbub around WYSIWYG tools for Drupal and the like recently, I …

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