Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.1

Posted on Aug 26 2008 in Web Development

I'm one of "those" people that paid for Eclipse, an open source IDE. I originally bought it because I love and use Eclipse a lot for my work and I wanted commercially available support for the product on which I depend so heavily.

Zend recently released version 6.1 of …

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Drupal for Firebug

Posted on Aug 09 2008 in Web Development

Last month Chapter Three announced they were working on a Firefox plugin and Drupal module that would allow Firebug to talk with Drupal. As a Web Developer who uses Firebug heavily every day and who specializes in Drupal, this announcement from Chapter Three got me a little excited -- so I …

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Make Views More Flexible/Maintainable

Posted on May 24 2008 in Web Development

Any Drupal developer worth his salt at least knows of the Views module. The shear usefulness and time-saving nature of views has earned the module a place in every Drupal site I've developed. However, because views are stored in the database and their presentation is controlled by the views module …

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Adventures with VersionOne

Posted on Apr 07 2008 in Web Development

A few months ago the primary project to which I'm assigned espoused an Agile/XP approach for development... well, a heavily modified Agile/XP approach as there is only one developer (me) working on features/tasks/etc that come from a team of people, funneled through a project manager of …

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Don't Use It, You Lose It

Posted on Mar 31 2008 in Web Development

A friend of mine has been using CakePHP to solve some problems where he works lately, and has been asking me for some help here and there. I always love to help as much as I can, but lately I've found my advice when it comes to CakePHP to be …

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Technical Debt -- The Best Laid Plans...

Posted on Mar 28 2008 in Web Development

Over the last couple months I've been hearing the term "Technical Debt" get thrown around frequently, describing the effect that results when decisions are made in a project or process that cause problems down the line.

As any good developer will tell you, there are usually more than one way …

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Analysis of Drupal as a Framework

Posted on Nov 18 2007 in Web Development

I recently presented at an event where several web application frameworks were discussed, including Drupal. Around that time I was also working on several projects written as Drupal modules at a level that I had not done before. These series of events caused me to take a step back and …

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Write a Reasonably Complex Application with CakePHP/Drake/Drupal?

Posted on Jul 24 2007 in Web Development

This post is in reply to a comment on a previous article that I thought contained some good questions:

Hi Josh,

Saw your post on the cakePHP list regarding Drake, here http://groups.google.com/group/cake-php/browse_thread/thread/4d0ad8b73a5... .

I'm hoping you won't mind answering a couple of questions …

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Understanding CakePHP Associations

Posted on Jun 06 2007 in Web Development

CakePHP uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) concept as a framework to encapsulate the three basic layers of an application. Models, the component of the MVC framework that connect the application to the data, are especially good at describing relational databases. One of the questions that seems to come up alot on …

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Mssql_Table Behavior for CakePHP 1.2.x

Posted on Jun 05 2007 in Web Development

I've been using CakePHP 1.2.x for projects at work, where our primary database back-end is Microsoft SQL Server. Maybe I'm just missing something, but it seems to me that SQL Server outputs datetime values in an odd way (by odd, I mean not parsable by strtotime). When pulling …

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