Blogging With Pelican

Posted on Sep 02 2013 in Web Development

As a web developer, I spend a lot of time with Drupal, which is what formerly powered my blog. Maintaining the site (which I generally neglect) seemed burdensome. Occasionally anti-spam would fail, cache files would need to be cleaned, or some other issue would require my attention. It all felt too much like my 9-5 work. So, I've converted the blog to use Pelican.

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Prevent "AHAH the Right Way" in Drupal from Breaking with Validation

Posted on Nov 05 2010 in Web Development

So there has been a lot of blogging and documentation in the past about the "right" way to do AHAH in Drupal. I think these people make excellent points, provide good documentation, and are pushing these types of dynamic interactions in Drupal in the right direction. I think a lot …

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Quick Tip: Detect and Encode Curly Brackets in URL Validation

Posted on Oct 26 2009 in Web Development

Validating user input is always a great idea from a usability and security point of view. However, when it comes to things like URLs, the data is complex and there is a very strict pattern that the data has to adhere to. From a data perspective, this is great news …

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Quick Tip: Get proper DOCUMENT_ROOT When Using mod_vhost_alias

Posted on Oct 25 2009 in Web Development

The Apache module mod_vhost_alias and its VirtualDocumentRoot directive can really be a great time saver for local development (some googling will explain why in more deapth). Basically, my local dev is set up so that I just have to create a directory in my aliases directory, and I just then …

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Review: NetBeans IDE 6.7.1

Posted on Oct 16 2009 in Web Development

I think my previous posts have already indicated that my development environment, specifically my IDE, is important to me, and that I make a habit of exploring my options on a regular basis. For the last 7 months I've been using NuSphere's PhpED, which I've really enjoyed. The only things …

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Fix mod_auth_mysql on Ubuntu 64-bit

Posted on Sep 13 2009 in Web Development

At least twice, now, I've encountered problems (read: apache segfaults, oh noes!) with mod_auth_mysql on Ubuntu 64-bit installs, most recently using Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) -- the most recent release (at least until 9.10 comes out soon). In searching for solutions, I discovered that this issue has been reported at …

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Drupal Performance on SliceHost with Boost Module

Posted on Aug 21 2009 in Web Development

If you know me, you know that I work on a lot of Drupal sites. You might also know that SliceHost (now a part of RackSpace) is one of the most affordable and simple VPS hosting solutions out there. That said, you might not know that I run several of …

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Review: NuSphere PhpED 5.6

Posted on Mar 20 2009 in Web Development

As I explained in my previous post, I've been on the hunt for a new PHP IDE. During past searches for this type of tool, I've always taken a glance at NuSphere's PhpED and usually went away screaming rather quickly because of how clunky, ugly, and just plain annoying the …

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Disappointed with Zend

Posted on Mar 19 2009 in Web Development

Every few months as I sit at my desk and code away, I can't help but wonder to myself, "Is there anything better out there?" I'm not being metaphysical or introspective -- I'm talking about my IDE. Most coders I've met are the same way: we find a tool we like …

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Quick Tip: Route All PHP E-Mails for Development

Posted on Oct 15 2008 in Web Development

I do a lot of work involving PHP-based web development. I often find myself needing to test e-mail functionality of a complex PHP application (such as Drupal), but I want to be sure that emails won't be sent to any of the unsuspecting users in the database of the application …

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