Why I Cancelled My Mozy.com Subscription

Posted on Mar 02 2009 in Computing

Mozy is an online backup solution that has grown in popularity recently. My wife and I have a lot of pictures, music, and generally important files on our computers that we know need to get backed up in a reliable and secure fashion. Mozy seemed like a natural choice.

Now, my profession involves computers, servers, backups, etc. Our home setup consists of my main Vista workstation, my Vista laptop, my OS X MacBook, my wife's Vista laptop, the central Ubuntu server, and the Mac Mini that handles all of our in-house backups (time machine as well as file sync, etc). We don't have more music or pictures than the typical computer user -- ours is just dispersed among many machines and all gets synchronized or backed up to the Mac Mini running OS X Server.

So, I signed up for MozyHome, their personal-use, unlimited backup plan, and went happily on my way downloading the OS X client to set up the online backup for our files. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when MozyHome refused to install, for no other reason than I was running a "Server" SKU product, which MozyHome refuses to operate on. There was no technical reason, no software capability limitation, and no resource problem causing this -- the MozyHome client is specifically disabled for Operating Systems it thinks should use their "Pro" product.

I contact Mozy support, and their only answer is, "You must use MozPro to backup a server system." Great. Now what?

Plan B: I'll mount the backup drive attached to my Mac Mini to my windows machine and run the backups from there.

Fail again! MozyHome does not support backing up network drives. Not because the Mozy technology doesn't support this -- because their "Server" line of client software does this no problem. Again, this limitation is put in place specifically for marketing reasons.

Sure, I could probably come up with a Plan C that would involve duplicating all of my backups to a windows box and pushing the Mozy updates from there, but that's not what my windows machines are set up to be spending their time and resources on. I have a home network setup that is great for backup -- but Mozy's silly limitations prevent me from taking advantage of them.

So, at least until I have a spare box that runs windows or OS X (non server SKUs of course!) available to house all of our consolidated files, we won't be using Mozy. In the meantime, I'm in the market for a decent backup solution, preferably compatible with OS X and/or Linux... I'd even settle for a good rsync-based backup solution.

Any suggestions?