A Voyage Home: My Return to Mac OS

Posted on Apr 13 2008 in Computing

People often ask me how or when I started working with computers, programming, etc. My answers usually hark back to my childhood and my first ventures with my parents' Macintosh Plus, then our family Performa, and my Powerbooks 180c and 540c. Basically, all of my earlier computer encounters were on a Mac, from learning to type to learning my first programming language to discovering the internet for the first time.

Sometime during the late 90s I became frustrated and angry with working in a Mac world and I "converted" to my first Windows machine, vowing to never look back. Since that day I've been working primarily in Windows and Linux, only touching a Macintosh when absolutely necessary... that is, until this last week.

When my new 15" Mac Pro arrived and I opened it and started it up, I was consistently impressed with how easy it was to use, and how well it "just worked." The experience has been a far cry from the agonizing memories I have of Mac OS 8 & 9. I spent some time playing with the software that Leopard comes with, such as iChat, iCal, etc. I have to say... iChat is effective, Photobooth is a blast, and syncing the iPhone with the Mac is an order of magnitude better than with my Windows box.

I've spent a respectable amount of time making the Mac work the way that I like, such as managing hotkeys, setting up my command line environment, and trying to find a software to meet my many needs. The process has been fun and I've been very pleased to find that the solutions available for Mac are closely related to (and sometimes better than) the Windows software that I regularly use (more posts on that later?).

All of this to say that I'm not only happy with the Mac, but I've been overwhelmingly surprised at how much I'm enjoying the experience. I won't be getting rid of my windows or linux boxes any time soon, but the Mac has quickly secured its place in my toolkit.